VetsYoga offers an alternative approach to coping with combat stress and post traumatic stress disorder

Introducing the stress-relieving benefits of yoga to military veterans and personnel.  Practice in the privacy of home!

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Created for military veterans and personnel

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VetsYoga is the first in a series designed to introduce the stress-relieving benefits of yoga to military veterans and personnel. Yoga is an ancient practice now used by soldiers and athletes to enhance focus and flexibility – and is often used as a complement to medical treatment for those suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

VetsYoga features two yoga sessions for beginners, demonstrated by veterans who have experienced extreme symptoms of PTSD and found peace and healing through regular practice.  The VetsYoga DVD is now in 38 states and four countries, serving veterans and soldiers worldwide.

Health benefits of yoga include stress reduction, increased fitness, enhanced focus, pain relief and weight loss.

Through breathing exercises and simple poses designed to reduce stress and increase strength and balance. VetsYoga provides a supplemental therapy that can be used in the privacy of home.

If you’re a little freaked out by the thought of doing yoga, don’t worry, this practice is about breathing, balance, strength and relaxation. VetsYoga is an encouraging, easy to follow program—you will get a great workout for body, mind and spirit from the comfort of your home.

We love this DVD and would like to see more!   — Ray, Topeka KS

Our clients are singing the praises of the VetsYoga DVD.   You are providing an invaluable service.   — Elaine, Gainesville GA

A tool to adapt peacefully to civilian life.
— Yoga Journal Magazine

I found that yoga and meditation helped me respond better to traditional therapies.
Hopefully other veterans can use this DVD to help themselves heal.
— Sgt. Hugo Patrocinio, VetsYoga

Excellent DVD—a wonderful, non-intimidating, basic practice.
— Lauri, Princeton NJ

Interviews and an introduction to VetsYoga

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The VetsYoga DVD

VetsYoga offers an alternative approach to healing from combat stress and treating post traumatic stress disorder. With two introductory practices, VetsYoga introduces the stress-relieving benefits of yoga to military veterans and personnel.

Bulk order pricing is available for institutions in quantities of 250, 500, and more. Contact us for more information about bulk ordering »

Veterans and ADMP, please use coupon code “thank you” to receive a 50% discount.

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1. Introduction (5 minutes)

Meet two veterans and find out how they discovered yoga, and how it changed their lives. What is yoga, and how does it help alleviate symptoms of PTSD?

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2. Introductory Yoga Practice (45 minutes)

Easy to do and to follow, this session includes basic yoga poses that can be adjusted for ease and comfort.

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3. Relax and Restore (30 minutes)

Simple relaxation poses with a focus on deep breathing provide an opportunity to relax and unwind, any time of day.

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VetsYoga DVD coverVeterans and ADMP use coupon code “THANKYOU” to receive a 50% discount

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